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Posted by Genie Accountancy on 04-Dec-2014 10:48:33

We spoke to one of our clients here at Genie Accountancy, Adam. He discussed with us why moving from a permanent role to contracting and trading through his own Limited Company made life so much easier and enjoyable.

Have a read of Adam’s story…. 

Like many others before me, the contracting world found me through a natural evolution. I casual_contractor.jpgstarted out as a full time employee, working directly for a company for over ten years. I was under the loose direction of the owner, told what to do, worked 8am-7pm, the usual bore with limited rewards.
I performed well, generating lots of income for the owner. Then, out of the blue, the company was sold. The new board which came in had no real idea of what we did. I was just a number, an overhead. As with most big take overs redundancies were on the card. It was a real shock to the system, I had put my soul into the brand!

It was an emotional time, really hard to take. I consider myself a confident person however, this knocked me. The buyout occurred on the 17th January and a couple of weeks later I was out of work.

I learnt to mix in with family life, day to day routines. I even managed to reduce my handicap by a few shots!

Finding work became inevitable and the search, reluctantly, began. I did the usual, brushed up the CV, looked at job boards, spoke to recruiters and contacts, then sat back and waited for offers to come in. Familiar names made enquires and offered interviews but I realised the desire to work for someone else had gone. The thought of the usual commute, same faces, working to create something for somebody else to benefit from, why would I want that? I had acclimatised to working under my own agenda.

Then it dawned on me, contracting...what a refreshing change!

I have been contracting for  two years now, can be at home when I want to be, choose who I work for, pay myself when I need to and have time off when I want.

I am the boss!

Decisions are mine to make and I control my home and work life balance. I’ve also achieved one of my personal goals, to be a Dad that isn’t absent. Now I do the odd school pick up, make it to Christmas concerts, and cheer on at sports days. We even have family holidays when we want them and for as long as we wish.

This is only made possible because I trade through a Limited company.

I am the sole Director. Yes there are records to keep but it is minimal hassle. My accountant at Genie Accountancy, provides me with state of the art software and sound accounting advice that supports my needs.

I build up funds in the business giving me the freedom to take time out when I need to. A lifestyle business. I never understood that phrase, but now I am living evidence of it!

Genie Accountancy provide a trusted business advisor. She is my sole contact and truly understands my goals and ambitions. She meets me for coffee where we discuss work, life, next steps. It’s so refreshing. I get the benefit of a specialist business advisor but the rewards of the company are all mine.

People talk about fees and ‘isn’t an accountant expensive?’ I answer with ‘they’re as expensive as you make them!’

I speak to my accountant at least once a week, sometimes for less than five minutes however, she always ensures I understand and make the right decision. This keeps me stress free, able to concentrate on my contract, and more importantly a home life balance.

Thank you Genie Accountancy!

Adam isn’t alone, join the hundreds of other happy contractors who have come to Genie Accountancy for help with either setting up a limited company or/and assistance with their accounts.

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