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The Genie Accountancy Ambassador Scheme

Posted by Orange Genie on 10-Jun-2014 11:32:00


Since opening in 2011, Genie Accountancy has grown largely through client referrals. Each week we welcome more and more contractors to the group and we really appreciate the fact that many find us through you sharing your experiences with them and acting as a trusted advocate of our brand.

In recognition of the value your recommendations bring to us we are getting ready to launch the Genie Accountancy Ambassador Scheme. This new scheme will allow us to share even more with you and your colleagues.

The Genie Accountancy Ambassador scheme will

  • Reward you for referring your friend
  • Reward your friend for joining us
  • Provide you with an opportunity to receive free Accountancy for life and even to generate additional income for your business

How do I become an Ambassador?

Keep doing what you are doing…. Share with your friends and colleagues all the reasons why you use Genie Accountancy.

Watch out for further details of how the new scheme will work and how easy it will be to refer your friends and start making savings!



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