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Orange Genie Umbrella changes pension provider

Posted by Damon Cochrane on Aug 22, 2016 12:10:10 PM

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Orange Genie have announced they will partner with True Potential LLP to provide its workplace pension scheme to employees.   

speechmarks.pngDamon Cochrane, Operations Director of Orange Genie said;  

“The long-term welfare of our umbrella and education employees is really important to us. I am continually monitoring the workplace pensions market for new products, innovative services, financial returns and benchmark performance. “We have been providing our existing pension auto-enrolment scheme to our employees for some 3 years and have reached the 3 year re-enrolment process, so the timing was ideal to consider change.”

pensions_picture.pngOur research highlighted True Potential LLP as an outstanding provider and our subsequent discussions gave us the belief that this would be a step up from where we are today. We  are impressed with what TP  offer our contractor employees. “We’re confident that TP will provide an improved pension scheme as well as a range of other financial services that are tailored for the contracting professional, including investments opportunities, mortgages and access to training on personal finances.”  

True_potential.pngEmployees can also look forward to being able to track pension performance and set goal amounts and contributions via their smartphone or Android devices, including Apple Watch and Android Wear, with the ability to instantly top up their pension pot with as little as £1 any time they choose.  

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the Orange Genie Umbrella team on 01296 468 483, or email umbrella@orangegenie.com