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How to promote yourself as a contractor/ freelancer…

Posted by Orange Genie Group on 26-Nov-2015 10:34:51

Higher rates of pay, flexible working hours and the ability to choose which projects you work on are just some of the many reasons people choose to go contracting. If you do decide to move into contracting you’ll need to know how to best market yourself in order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive field. Let’s take a look at the most successful forms of advertising your services…

Word of mouth Word_of_mouth.jpg

Why is this so great? It’s free! Impress your previous and current clients/employers and you’re more than likely to gain referrals. Referrals often come about on their own however, a contractor who waits for the referral to show is more than likely the same contractor who waits for the job to show up. Think proactively! 

Consider the referral process before you’ve even started the job, begin your conversation with how important your reputation is and how valued their referral could be, if they know in advance they are more than likely to pay attention to the quality of work you’re producing throughout the assignment.

Don’t forget to ask clients and colleagues to provide testimonials to use on social media, or as a reference for recruiters/clients. LinkedIn is the perfect place for this – pick and choose which recommendation to include in your personal profile.

Keeping your CV updated CV2.jpg

You need an up-to-date and striking CV - this is essentially what’s going to get you the interview. Your CV needs to stand out from the rest. Remember, your CV should be no more than two pages long, typically a contractor’s CV will get scanned for 20 seconds before a decision is made to contact you for an interview. It needs the ‘wow’ factor and to create high impact by being targeted directly for the role you’re going for. It is very common now for contract seekers to have creative CV’S, paperless web-CV’s or even a vine video showcasing their skills and past employment (video CV). Try thinking outside the box and you may surprise yourself with the additional attention from potential hirers. 

Promoting your presence online Promoting_presence_online_-1.jpg

In this day & age ensuring you have a substantial online presence. I.e. advertising yourself on all social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter is essential. Maybe you could even create a website or start a blog? Through writing keyword rich content applicable to the industry you work in, you’re bound to obtain a valuable and relevant following (post them on information sites / industry bulletin boards). Remember also to keep in touch with colleagues, other contractors and clients and connect with them via your social media accounts. 

Partner with the right people partner_up.jpg

Associate yourself with other contractors, or use a contractor management company like us! That way, we can help you along the contractor journey and provide you with a personal service meaning you can concentrate more on the job in hand and will have more time to market your services!

Polish up on your skills

Make use of training courses, books, ebooks and anything else related to your field of work that will enhance your skill set, which in turn will also help you in promoting yourself. Skills.jpg
As an independent contractor, you are your own best marketer. Make the most of the inexpensive and convenient resources available to you, to boost your name and service offering.

If you found this blog useful you may also wish to read our more extensive guide; ‘How to market yourself as a contractor’ 

To find out more about our umbrella company or contractor accountancy solution – give Orange Genie a call on 01296 468 483 or visit; www.orangegenie.com 


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