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Currency exchange package available to overseas trained teachers.

Posted by Orange Genie Group on 12-Aug-2014 13:50:00

A significant number of overseas trained teachers arrive in the UK every year to develop their teaching skills UK_Forex_logo and careers in a new environment. A task many overseas teachers have to undertake at some point is to transfer money overseas. From experience we realise this can be costly, slow and lack flexibility.

Following feedback received from the overseas trained teachers we employ, we are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with UKForex to offer an excellent foreign currency exchange package making transferring money abroad safe, quick and simple.

The package will enable teachers to transfer their money from overseas to their UK bank account on significantly more competitive terms than a high street bank.

Benefits include;currency

• Five free international transfers
• Preferential rates (as we do not receive any commission)
• Quick and secure online service
• Low minimum transaction values - AUD 1000 / NZD 1000 / CAD 1000 / GBP 1000
• 24/7 access to a currency specialist and award winning online platform

This new initiative supports our aspiration to improve the lives of the teachers and support staff we employ. The package will be made available via our internal portal, as well as our new and improved website which is being launched imminently.

If you are interested in this package and would like to sign up, click here

For further information, call us on 01296 468 483 or email: info@genieeducation.com.

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