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Brexit - An update from our Finance Director, Ross Baker

Posted by Orange Genie Group on 28-Jun-2016 10:52:16

Rossamended.pngquotation-marks-open.pngAt this early stage, there is little detail on how an exit from the European Union will affect contractors in the UK, so it is business as usual. Orange Genie has remained politically neutral during the build up to the vote and will now embrace the decision and the consequences. 

Exit will not be instant, so in the short term, we expect little to change.

Business needs stability and now more than ever it is important to ensure that firms have the right skills in place. Once again, the flexible workforce will be key in ensuring the UK's economy doesn't suffer. We are particularly curious as to how the public sector will be able to resource the skills required to negotiate the exit and start to formulate and implement new and revised UK legislation.

Whilst EU legislation lies behind some of the laws which affects the supply chain of the UK contingent workforce, some or all of this is likely to remain long after Brexit e.g. AWR and working time directive.
Other laws, such as recent tax legislation affecting the contractors, are domestic in origin and therefore also unlikely to be affected by Brexit e.g. NMW, salary sacrifice, restriction on T&S expenses proposed IR35 reform.quotation-marks-closed.png


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