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Beginners' Guide to Reporting Requirements for Agencies

Posted by Damon Cochrane on 21-Apr-2015 15:38:38

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Whether you are the owner/ manager of a recruitment agency, or a recruitment consultant; the rules and regulations concerning the reporting requirements are of vital importance to you and your business. We have put together an infographic that outlines exactly what you need to know. 






Date you can replace

a report by

6th April to 5th July

5th August

5th November

6th July to 5th October

5th November

5th February

6th October to 5th January

5th  February

5th May

6th January to 5th April

5th May

5th August

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. To discuss the matter further, please contact your account manager who will be able to provide a more in depth explanation of what the reporting requirement actually is and how it can directly affect employment intermediaries such as you. Can you afford not to know? What is the risk to you and your business if you get this wrong? 

Alternatively, Orange Genie are happy to provide a training session to agencies/ consultants about the reporting requirements set by HMRC. We feel it is important for recruitment agencies to be fully aware of their responsibilities and requirements.