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Switching from an Umbrella Company to setting up a Limited Company

Here at Genie Accountancy, we love hearing from happy clients. Have a read of the below & find out why making the decision to move from umbrella to setting up their own limited company was the best route for one of our clients....

Pension shake-up following the Summer Budget...

Contractors that earn over £150,000 were dealt a bitter blow in the Summer Budget in July, as the Chancellor attempted to balance his cuts to welfare and benefits with a reduction in the pension allowance for Britain’s highest earners.

If you fall in to this highest pay bracket then you will have your annual pension allowance cut at a rate of £1 for every £2 you earn over that £150,000 threshold, effectively leaving those earning £210,000 per year with just £10,000 annual allowance from April 2016.

Beginners' Guide to Reporting Requirements for Agencies

Whether you are the owner/ manager of a recruitment agency, or a recruitment consultant; the rules and regulations concerning the reporting requirements are of vital importance to you and your business. We have put together an infographic that outlines exactly what you need to know. 


We spoke to one of our clients here at Genie Accountancy, Adam. He discussed with us why moving from a permanent role to contracting and trading through his own Limited Company made life so much easier and enjoyable.

Have a read of Adam’s story…. 

Why hiring freelancers or professional contractors makes sense

When it comes to choosing to hire either a permanent employee, freelancer or independent benefits-1.pngcontractor, you may be wondering what the benefits are of choosing to go with freelancers or contractors.

Before businesses decide on how to staff a particular job, have a read of just some of the benefits of employing either a freelancer or independent contractor…

  • Affordability

When you hire an employee you will have to pay a number of expenses that you probably wouldn’t have to pay for contractors including employer-provided benefits, office space, and equipment.

You will also have to make required payments and contributions on behalf of your employees. All together, these expenses can easily increase your payroll costs.

Currency exchange package available to overseas trained teachers.

A significant number of overseas trained teachers arrive in the UK every year to develop their teaching skills  and careers in a new environment. A task many overseas teachers have to undertake at some point is to transfer money overseas. From experience we realise this can be costly, slow and lack flexibility.

What does the Orange Genie Group believe?

A key driver to the competitiveness of the UK economy is the availability and use of the professional freelance workforce. 

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